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In this policy, all references to "Casino Columbus", "Group", "we", "us", "for us", "our" and "ours" refer to any company of the Avento (Avento NV) group of companies. The references to "you", "your", "to you", and "yourself" refer to the person, who uses our Website(s) and provides us with personal information.


Casino Columbus is committed to protecting the personal information that you provide us with and we will take all reasonable actions to ensure that all data that you provide through the Website(s) will remain intact. In this regard, we have prepared this Privacy Policy to ensure that you acknowledge which information we collect when you use our Services, for what purposes we collect such information, and how we use the collected data.

This document describes how Casino Columbus handles information and data that you provide. By providing your information to Casino Columbus and using our Website(s), you are confirming your consent to our use of such personal information in a way specified in this document. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and do not want to provide the personal information that we request, please do not use this website.


Personal information that we may request for further use includes, but is not limited to:

  • a. any information that you provide us with when filling out the forms on the account registration pages and also any other data that you provide us with through the Website(s) or e-mail (for example, name and surname, date of birth, bank card information, place of residence, e-mail, telephone number);
  • b. exchange of messages via the Website(s), email, telephone, web-chat, or any other means of communication;
  • c. participation in surveys, which we conduct from time to time;
  • d. the complete history of transactions related to the user’s account, irrespective of whether they are processed by the Website(s) or by third-party services;
  • e. logon information and detailed data, including geolocation, weblogs, transaction logs, and other network activity information recorded in the system.


We use the personal information we receive from you to improve the quality of the Services that we provide and with the following objectives:

  • a. processing of your bets and transactions. This includes use of bank cards and electronic payment systems;
  • b. providing you with users support services and support in adjusting, using, and managing your profile (account);
  • c. compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;
  • d. formation of personal profiles of our users with the purpose of calculating personal bonus points and rewards;
  • e. taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the user's account and conducting the necessary verification checks;
  • f. analysis of user’s activities by assessing market research (participation in surveys is not mandatory, a user may choose to participate or abstain from participating in the surveys);
  • g. providing our registered users with information about advertisement offers, products, and services, or providing advertising information from our business partners, affiliated companies and branches, to which users have specifically subscribed to receive advertising information;
  • h. analysis and study of transactions for purposes of preventing fraud, money laundering, and other illegal gambling schemes.


If you choose not to receive advertising information, we still may use your Personal Information, including your email address and phone number, to provide you with advertising messages about products, services, and promotions that we believe may be of interest to you. This may also include information about other gaming products and services from selected business partners. If you would like to stop receiving marketing and other promotional materials, you can cancel this service by adjusting your account settings accordingly or by contacting our customer support at [email protected]

You should also take into account that by accepting any prize or winnings from us, you agree to use your name, surname, and photos for advertising and promotional purposes without additional remuneration, except where prohibited by law.


We will not collect your personal information without your knowledge. However, we can automatically collect some data and receive your personal information, where you would provide such information using our Services and through your interaction with us. We can also receive personal information from online sellers and suppliers of such services, as well as from lists of users, which we legally purchase from third-party suppliers. In addition, we reserve the right to engage third-party service providers to provide technical support to users in order to process your online transactions and maintain your account. We kindly ask you to treat with understanding the fact that the suppliers, service providers, and third-party e-commerce services can provide us with any information that you have provided them with. We assure you that we will use and protect any Personal Information we receive in a way specified in this Privacy Policy. Any information you provide us with will be disclosed to third parties outside the Avento (Avento NV) group of companies only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will take the all necessary measures to ensure that our agreements with third-party service providers and online- suppliers will always protect your Personal Information.


We can exchange the information that you have provided with other companies of the Avento (Avento NV) group of companies and our business partners with respect to the processing of data specified in Section III of this Policy.

You also consent to process your requests for the use of our Brands/Products and/or Games/Products, or our business partners.

Given that the Internet is a global environment, the use of the Internet for the collection and processing of personal data is necessarily associated with the exchange of data. Therefore, we can also exchange the information, which you have provided, with our business partners, suppliers, and subcontractors in order to fulfill any obligations arising from the agreements that we could conclude with them or with you. In order to provide you with complete information, we may inform you about providing any third party with your personal information. Please note that in order to provide you with a qualified service, we and/or our service providers may need to transfer your personal data from one country to another within the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and also to certain personal data processors, which may be located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Therefore, by using the Website and exchanging electronic messages with us, you acknowledge and agree that we (or our suppliers or subcontractors) will process your personal data in these countries. We will always take all possible measures to ensure the safe processing of your information and data in order to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The relevant supervisory authorities, regulatory authorities, employees of Casino Columbus, which are part of the support service, financial departments, and anti-fraud departments also have access to your personal data, which is required in order to perform their functions and provide you with support. You hereby agree to such disclosure of your personal information.


We do not sell personal data of our users to third parties. However, we can share personal data in the process of acquiring any new business structures. If the structure of the Avento (Avento NV) Group is subject to any changes, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or partial acquisition, it is likely that the personal data of our users will be included in the sale or transfer. As part of our policy, we will inform our users about such transfer of personal data by e-mail prior to such transfer.

We also reserve the right to share personal data when we believe that such transfer is necessary in connection with the requirements of the law or to ensure compliance with our terms, to protect our rights, property or security, and to protect any other company of the Group, our users or other third parties.


We hereby confirm that in the process of collecting and processing your personal data for the purpose of managing your account, we will comply with strict legal provisions on the protection of personal data. Accordingly, we strive to protect your Personal Information, and we respect your right to confidentiality in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In addition, to avoid ambiguity in this Privacy Policy, nothing will help us to protect you from disclosing your Personal Information if the law so requires.


As indicated in these terms and conditions, both you and Casino Columbus may at any time decide to close your profile (account). After you close your account, we will store your personal information for the period required by law. Data will only be used if required by the competent authorities in cases of requests for financial and tax deductions, fraud, money laundering, or investigation of any other illegal activities.


You may contact us in the following cases:

  • a. to confirm the relevance of your personal information;
  • b. inquire how we use your personal information;
  • c. prohibit the use of your personal information for promotional (advertising) purposes in the future;
  • d. update any personal information if you can provide us with sufficient proof that we may require from you to make such changes. Providing false personal information is illegal. You are responsible for ensuring that we always have the most relevant and accurate personal
  • e. for the transfer of your personal data in cases provided for by law;
  • f. with the requirement to stop processing or erase your personal data in cases provided by law

You also may file a complaint with the supervisory authority, in particular in the member state of your domicile, employment, or the member state of the alleged violation if you believe that the processing of personal data, relating to your rights, violates the law on the protection of personal data.


By accepting the Casino Columbus terms and conditions and by registering an account, and using our services, you acknowledge that Casino Columbus will use cookies to store and use particular information on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device when accessing our sites, mobile sites or mobile applications.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or computer hardware when you visit certain websites. They save some settings and transfer information from your browser to make the navigation on the Internet easier for you and provide better and more personalized Internet services. The Website must use certain cookies.

At the moment it is technically impossible to configure the settings of your cookies for different websites. If you want to delete all of the cookies stored on your computer or prevent them from monitoring the algorithms of your browsing on this Website, you can do this by deleting existing cookies and adjusting the privacy settings of your browser to block them (the parameters of cookies can usually be changed in the "Settings" section of your browser). We recommend that you do not block or delete cookies, as this may lead to the unstable or improper functioning of our Website(s).


Please note that this Privacy Policy is an agreement between you and the Avento (Avento NV) Group of companies. We can make changes to the Policy from time to time. We will inform you about any changes to the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you regularly visit the page with this Privacy Policy.

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