About us

Columbus Casino is an advanced online casino where you can try your luck either with real money or in a demo mode. Exciting games, fantastically generous promo events, gifts and best service await you. We love and appreciate our players!

Why Columbus Casino?

  • A great choice of games for any taste: from slots and roulettes to poker and blackjack, play non-stop!
  • Regular promos, gifts, and tournaments - real prizes only!
  • Exchange your points for money and win more!
  • Best payment systems only.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service.
  • Best gifts and offer for our VIP clients!


Playing for real money is always risky, which is why all online casino players must be absolutely sure of their financial transaction safety. Columbus Casino provides the best way to protect its players.

We use

  • Special money asset protection such as SSL 3.0 protocol, which is the most effective and stable way to encrypt the data while it is being transferred elsewhere.
  • Keys of 256 bit long
  • All data transferred to an official processing centre to maximise its security.

You can be absolutely sure that Columbus Casino protects your data fully. Please, be cautious about your internet behaviour too and take extra steps to protect the process on your side.

Protect yourself:

  • Do not give anyone your login or password details.
  • Go for a login distinct from your username. Your username can be viewed publicly on the website, which login is something that only you may know.
  • Use complex passwords only. Go for the ones that could be difficult to guess.
  • Use a protected mail client, such as Google Mail.

You can play using virtual (not real) money unlimited without making deposits with the Columbus Casino system. This way you can familiarize yourself with basic game rules, including Columbus Casino ones, find the most interesting games and improve your skills. You can add real money to your account at any time: to do this, you should go to the balance in your personal account and choose any payment system you like.

We are happy that you are playing with us and wish you a thrilling fair wind!

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